Convergence Medicine

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Convergence Medicine:  A Case for Holistic, Integrative Systems-Based Approaches Being the Future of Medicine, Rather than Single Symptom-Based Approaches

Date: August 17th, 2013
Presenter: Niki Bilton, MAc (UK), MBAcC (UK), LAc


Niki H. Bilton will discuss the philosophy behind and the clinical practice of a systems-based convergence approach, where disease is considered a process with many components, and treatment strategies are aligned to support, strengthen and enable patients to reclaim their own innate balance and regulatory pathways. She will reference her experience at Anatara Medicine, a wellness and disease prevention clinic offering a convergence of allopathic medical science and the most effective Eastern and Western complementary medicine practices available today. She will present case studies of patients dealing with difficult, chronic diseases where consulting practitioners discussed the best convergent approach to optimize metabolic, circulatory, hormone and immune regulation, for example, thereby providing the highest quality of life possible. Niki will also address which modalities seem to consistently work well with each other, including the synergy of naturopathy and acupuncture.

Eligible for 1 General CEU (OR)

This course requires an enrollment key
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